Ever since Sunday's service at Hope Community Church, I have been thinking about what Pastor Donnie said. He said there are two-words that we never say enough, Thank You. He went on to state the importance of the words we choose and how the words we say to ourselves have so much power. 


 I really started to think about how powerful these two words are. I truly am one who never says Thank You enough, so I want to write this post today just to show my gratitude of how thankful I am.


 I am so thankful that God has provided me the opportunity to live in the greatest small city in North Carolina, Holly Springs. It's really amazing how our paths are led for us and the great people who are brought in our lives to share it with along our journey.


 I am thankful for the most common thing I have heard since moving here; "I have met the best people who have now become my best friends." We can go to the beach, we can go to the mountains. I am so appreciative of the people I've met.


 I will admit that moving from what you know and the family you leave behind is hard. If it wasn't for the warm smiles and my great neighbors it would have been terrible. I am so lucky to live in such a diverse area. I have the best neighbors from all over the world; Scotland, Canada, as well as Puerto Rico and all over the US.


 I am so thankful and get warmth in my heart when my New Yorkers ask why does everyone waves at us. Welcome to the South, and especially Holly Springs. 


 We are thankful to live in one of the safest cities and to have a school system that took my four children in and showed them the value of a great education.


 I am thankful to a great town staff and town council that is looking to the future and creating a place that is up to the challenges of the growth that's coming.


 I am most thankful for my wife who gave us four great children. She continues to pick me up when I am down, love me unconditionally and allows me the chance to grow.


So for now, please choose your words wisely and be thankful for all that's been given.




Ed Neering