author Ed Neering

If there's one thing I hope people learn when planning on buying or selling real estate in Holly Springs NC this year is to becoming aware of generalizing information. So much of the local and national news generalizes information like its one size fits all. Not everyone has the same situation or circumstances. If you want to really put yourself in the most advantageous position there will be certain information you must know.

 If your planning on selling your Holly Spring's home in 2014 it is best to look at what are the best months for selling. I would also look at the monthly supply of homes. If there is less than a 5 month supply the market is appreciating. If there's only a 1-3 month supply a great time to take advantage and maximize your sale. The biggest problem I am seeing locally is there's a large amount of homeowners whom don't understand this and are leaving a large amount of equity behind. Make sure you pay attention to my monthly market report where I go over the Holly Springs market conditions in great detail. There are over 115 variables involved in the home selling process that influence the Price Swing Effect. If you proactively manage all of these variables, your home will sell at the top of the market. If you ignore these variables, your home will attract much lower offers, or worse, no offers at all.

 If your planning on buying prices are on the rise in most of the price ranges. New Construction has actually went up on average from $320K in 2012 to $356K for 2013,$6 more per square foot. Its important to know as 35%(322) of all sales in Holly Springs is New homes. If interested in buying a new construction make sure you take time to educate yourself on our Holly Springs New Construction page. The good news over the next 4 years the National experts are predicting a 19% gain over all. They also predict that rates will rise by at least 1% by the end of the year. If this happens as the Government is getting out of backing the mortgage market(Quantitative Easing) a home will cost 10% more when it comes to financing. The last 4 times this has happened in the US the home prices have still gained value(look at chart below) There are still some great buys locally as homeowners unfortunately hire an agent who doesn't understand the local Holly Springs Market because they don't work here everyday.


Make sure if your planning on buying or selling to take the time to educate your self. I provide FREE of charge the local Holly Springs Real Estate Market Report. I also have the National Expert Advisor report that will educate you the trends happening Nationally that affects us locally.



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