As Hurricane Florence approaches the Carolina's coast so many are worried about the possible impact to the area. What started out as a category 3 now is being upgraded to a category 4. Gas stations are running out of gas as well as many of the store shelves are empty.  

I know there are a lot of new residents whom moved into Holly Springs that have never been through a hurricane and are really concerned. I want to share with you how lucky we are to live in such a great community. What I witnessed after the tornado in 2011 only verifies how fortunate we are to live here. I had a tree fall on the side of my home and had no idea how I was going to remove it. My neighbor Bob Trautz and Craig Ashby came down with a chainsaw and helped in cutting it up.

After I finished taking care of my family and home,  I walked throughout the neighborhood and watched my neighbors come together and help so many others. Baxter Walker and his chainsaw are very well known in Holly Glen. He and so many others helped get the neighborhood out of a really bad situation. Avent Ferry was blocked in as many of the telephone poles and trees feel across making it impassable. 


 There was an elderly couple who lived on the corner of Trotters Bluff. The volunteers that came and helped them still makes my heart warm with everything they did to help this couple.

 As the storm approaches things may get destroyed, but what you will discover is we have the best people and community that will always come together when you truly need it.  Blessings