After the last housing bubble it still amazes me how the majority of people are so unaware of the local market conditions. Is it that the agents do not provide the resources so buyers and sellers in Holly Springs can make wise decisions? Or do people not wish to spend the time learning about it? No matter what the reasoning we will do everything we can to protect our Holly Springs Housing Market with the educational resources needed.

 The (NAR) National Association of Realtors just published a report that over half the markets in the United States Hit the Market Peaks.  

 Our current market that we are in now reminds me of the 2005-2006 market peak where many are finally coming out from being underwater in their home equity. Many bought at the top of the market.  I highly recommend if you are planning on buying make sure you create a plan and understand where we are at in the cycle. There's many people who's buying right now that shouldn't because our commission based industry doesn't educate and warn the people who they're sworn to protect. Please proceed with caution