I recently had a great debate on our Citizens for Responsible Growth in Holly Springs facebook group over the proposed transportation bond coming before voters November 6th. The discussion itself had great input from residents on why the residents didn't want any higher taxes as well as conversations on why we need to be proactive and really look forward.

 As I brought up a previous time before the 540 came in where Holly Springs lacked accessibility, I mentioned how I lost multiple buyers that worked in RTP (Research Triangle Park) that didn't want the long commute. Another agent stated that for every 1 they lost to RTP they sold 3 more whom wanted to live in Holly Springs.

I appreciate his passion towards Holly Springs and he is a great agent. What really surprised me was when someone came on and said hes a better salesperson then me. I didn't take it as a personal attack but it made me really look at the context of his question, are Realtors salespeople?

Are Realtors suppose to be great salespeople? To me the answer is simple absolutely not. It's no wonder why real estate has such a negative reputation. In my opinion agents shouldn't be trying to convince someone to do anything (That's what salespeople do) Instead agents should be helping clients discover what their options are.

They should explain the pros and cons of each option and then let the clients make the decision on what's best for them and their families. That's what a trusted advisor with the heart of a teacher does.  

Expert Advice ¹ Perfect Advice 

Don't be afraid of the words expert advice.

Remember: Expert doesn't mean they're going to give perfect advice. Expert means they're going to give excellent advice.


If you go to a doctor with a serious illness, they can't tell you how it's all going to wind up in the end. They don't know. If they did, that would be perfect advice.

However, your doctor, assuming they truly are an expert, can give you excellent advice. They can tell you about your illness and your options, whether it is surgery or medication.

They can also explain what they believe to be the best options for you based on your history, symptoms, and overall health. Ultimately, though, you're the one who must make the final decision on whether you go through with the treatment plan.

Once you make the decision, your doctor will take you by the hand and walk you down the road of recovery. They will explain to you that there might be adjustments that need to be made to the treatment plan, because no one can know for certain how things will turn out.

They might have to adjust your medication or increase/decrease your treatment schedule, but every step of the way they're with you helping you get to your goal.

This is called excellent advice, (By the way, does this sound like what your real estate agent should do with their clients?)

Similarly, if you were to go to an attorney, they could tell you how the case would end up or how the judge or jury would rule. That would be perfect advice.

What an expert attorney can do is explain your options. They might pick out one or two they believe to be the best ones to pursue. They will then leave you to decide which option you may want to take.

Once you decide, they will put a plan together based on the facts at hand. They will help you get the best possible resolution of the case. And, along the way they'll make whatever changes are needed. This is excellent advice. 

The role of the real estate professional is like that of the doctor and lawyer. They cant give perfect advice because they don't know what's going to happen-they can't know the future.

However, agents can give excellent advice based on the information and situation at hand. The agent's role is to guide you through the process and help make necessary changes alone the way. And that's exactly what clients want...and deserve!

So for me I am not a great salesperson. I will continue to educate my clients so they can make the best decisions possible...